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1A Bridge St
Tamworth, B78 1DS

01827 898109

We believe that every dog deserves a great grooming experience!

Would just like to say a big thank you to Kelly for the great job she did on Maisie. She looks fantastic and seems really happy. Look forward to bringing Maisie along again.

- Dawn Adams June 3rd 2014

"Took my sprollie, Zero, for his first (and my first) visit. All i can say is fabulous! He looks and smells gorgeous and the girls are lovely. Definitely coming again :)"

- Kate Amos May 25th 2014

Mutley Makeovers is a small and friendly family run salon in the thriving Warwickshire village of Polesworth, open for appointments seven days a week. Pets enjoy being pampered in safe and relaxed surroundings with people they know and trust. We are happy to say that our guests return time and time again and often become friends for life! 

Your Visit to Us.

We are often asked what is included in a grooming session so I thought I would write a little bit about what we do.

  1.  When your dog first arrives at the salon, you will have a short one to one with your groomer, who will greet your dog and ask you a few questions about how you would like your dog's hair to look after their makeover, whether you have any special requests , and if your pet has any health or behaviour concerns that we need to know about.  If you have been to us before, we will already know your dog quite well and your groomer will just be checking whether there have been any changes in his/her health or behaviour since last time, and whether you would like anything different this time in your dog's groom. While you chat, she will run her hands over your dog to ensure he or she is fine to be groomed health wise, and to check that the coat is in the right condition for her to produce the style you want. 
  2.  The way your pet behaves will guide your groomer as to how to greet him. Some dogs are nervous and do not want too much fuss in the first few minutes, preferring a calm, quiet welcome and time to get their bearings. While other dogs will come bustling in full of beans - don't be surprised to see your groomer get down on their hands and knees with your dog if he is giving such a waggy welcome!
  3. Once we have checked that we have your correct contact details etc., you will be given a time to come back and collect your freshly groomed dog, for most breeds this will be 2 hours after the appointment time, for large and giant breeds it could be up to four hours.  You may leave your dog's lead and collar/harness with us if you wish, we don't need to use them but it saves you accidentally arriving to collect your pooch without them, later, should you forget.
  4. Once you have departed, your dog will be treated to a lovely aromatherapy bath, with a shampoo selected for his or her skin and coat type and condition. We have a large walk-in type hydrobath with shower over. For very nervous dogs we remove the shower head and trickle the warm water over, we find that this helps to relax them. Shedding breeds such as Huskies, Labradors etc., receive their de-shedding treatment while in the bath - you would be surprised how much hair comes out! If you have chosen an extra spa treatment for your dog, this is when we apply the scrub, or conditioning wrap.  Following two thorough shampoo and rinses, and a blueberry facial, we apply a suitable conditioner (or texturiser for poodles/bichons), rinse and wrap in a warm towel.
  5. Your pet is then blow dried and brushed out on a table in the main grooming room, and at this time we also clean the ears, trim the nails, clip the pads and sanitary areas. We then commence trimming and clipping the main coat into the requested style.  We apply a premium leave-in coat conditioner and anti-mat solution to most pets coats, which helps you keep your dog in great condition for weeks after their groom. Most dogs also have a spritz of our Mutley Makeovers cologne for an extra wow! factor. Dog's that have sensitive skin are groomed using fragrance free products.
  6. Once your dog is looking dapper again, we choose a bandana or bow tie, for them to wear home, and bows for the girls. By this time, the time is nearly up, and your dog will start watching the door for your arrival. All that remains is a quick 'photo shoot', where possible we try and get a before-and -after which is quite fun. With your permission we display our photos on our Facebook page and Website, so everyone can share in your dog's fabulous new look!  
  7. When you arrive to collect your pet, you can expect them to go quite mad with delight!  This is such a fun time, a lot of our furry clients race around, showing off like young children when their parents arrive, looking for toys to fetch you,  and jumping up!  A word of caution though, please don't arrive early to 'see if he's done' as you can imagine how hard it is for the stylist if she hasn't quite finished and your dog is doing the 'Lambada of happiness', having seen your face at the door!
  8. Your groomer will ask if you are happy with your pet's haircut, now is the time to say if you feel you would like any little changes. We don't mind being asked, after all you would certainly ask your hairdresser if you want a little more off here..or there. We want you and your dog to be happy, so please ask.
  9. You will be offered the chance to rebook your next appointment, at the time of payment, which you can do, or you may prefer to book online or via phone/Facebook/email at a later time. Either way is fine with us. We accept cash or credit/debit cards in the shop. ( The only card our machine doesn't like is American Express).
  10. In between appointments, we like to keep in touch!  We are not just here to groom your dog.  If you need any help, advice or just want to chat about your dog or tell us about a recent adventure your dog may have had - we are always here ready to listen and also to help in any way we can. If we can't help - we usually know someone who can.

 We are crazy about dogs so - get in touch!